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A man runs up an outdoor staircase to improve his blood circulation; an eSmartr power sleeve is on his arm as he does.
You probably don’t think all that much about your blood flow. You have blood, it flows — what more is there? And yet, the state of your blood circulation is a very important consideration for your physical health. If you’re an athlete, it can have ramifications for your performance too.

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Mark Abma discusses his lifestyle with the eSmartr team.
Mark Abma leads a life that must feel like a dream to most of us – his Tolkien-esque home in the woods, his down-to-earth lifestyle… oh, right, and his incredible affinity for skiing, biking, and hiking his way up and down mountains. Mental strength, endurance, and flexibility are crucial parts of Abma’s everyday routine, and his commitment to it all is nothing short of incredible.

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Five Tricks to Stay Focused While Reading

: Five Tricks to Stay Focused While Reading

How to stay focused while reading? That is the question. Whether it’s because you think you might enjoy the hobby or because your college is forcing you to read the endless droning of whatever-their-names-are, you might find that it’s hard to get past a single section or chapter before your mind starts wandering, and it feels like you’re reading the same words over and over again...

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Happy Holidays from the eSmartr team!
Whether you’re in school, working full-time, an athlete, thinker, or a creative, now is finally the time to calm the chaos and relax. We can now focus a little on ourselves, enjoy some holiday spirit, and appreciate the feeling of a year nearing its end. However you calm the chaos, whether through our own products, time-tested meditations, or anything else, today is your day.

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