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The eSmartr Piranha Sleeve and box.

: Piranha: A New Design

October has come, and with it, a couple of big changes for eSmartr. The first of these changes is the one that you’re reading right this second: a new eSmartr blog, which comes courtesy of our brand-new website. Today is also the official release day for the Piranha Sleev®

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Lil Jon wears an eSmartr Scorpion Sleeve.

: Behind the Sleeve: Lil Jon

Success is like an iceberg, so the cliché goes; people never can see the years of hard work that support a person’s present happiness. Someone who puts in hard work for decades to build their career is often defined by that present-day success, simply because that is what those looking at them can see.

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Chef Merch seasons a meal wearing the eSmartr sleeve in his kitchen.

: Kitchen Concentration: Chef Merch

Elom Dzuazah’s perspective on his work as a private chef is one that highlights how important it is that he does the best work he can every day. Whether he is bringing people together through the food he prepares as a chef, or through the music he promotes as a producer, Dzuazah’s work can touch people in ways that are unique to him alone.

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