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Happy Holidays from the eSmartr team!
Whether you’re in school, working full-time, an athlete, thinker, or a creative, now is finally the time to calm the chaos and relax. We can now focus a little on ourselves, enjoy some holiday spirit, and appreciate the feeling of a year nearing its end. However you calm the chaos, whether through our own products, time-tested meditations, or anything else, today is your day.

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A young woman poses against a brick wall wearing an eSmartr sleeve.

: Mindfulness in the New Year

The month of December winds to a close; Christmas is behind us once again, and the New Year is only a few hours away. Now, more than ever, is a time to be looking forward to the future, to be excited by possibility; to envision a new year, and a new you as well.

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A young man takes a break from his exercise.

: Find Your Focus Outside This Winter

Even though it "technically" hasn't started yet, winter is already on most everyone's mind. It’s nearly here, and can be felt in plummeting outdoor temperatures, longer nights, and the unfortunate fact that wind is now a highly aggravating (and frustratingly common) presence.

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