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A young woman reads with an eSmartr Piranha sleeve on her arm helping her to focus on the story.

: Fighting End of Semester Stress

In my first semester at university, I was instructed to read Heart of Darkness for a class. This would be the first of two times I would read Joseph Conrad’s novella; the second time was only a month ago. It took me nearly three times as long to read the book the second time,

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Kirsty Dunne meditates with an eSmartr sleeve on her arm to enhance results.

: Getting It "Dunne:" Kirsty Dunne

If you think “helping others to restructure their lives” sounds like it might be something of a challenge, you’re absolutely right about that. Taking the time to get to know a person’s lifestyle and to work with them to meet their goals takes time, dedication, and serious know-how.

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The eSmartr Piranha Sleeve and box.

: Piranha: A New Design

October has come, and with it, a couple of big changes for eSmartr. The first of these changes is the one that you’re reading right this second: a new eSmartr blog, which comes courtesy of our brand-new website. Today is also the official release day for the Piranha Sleev®

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Menace poses with an eSmartr Scorpion Sleeve.

: Brain Mapping With Menace

When you get an invite to visit The Woody Show, you take it. We had the pleasure of joining the iHeartRadio Los Angeles-based morning radio team to brain map Menace and see if we could truly "make him smarter”.

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