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Brain Health and the Steve Aoki Foundation

: Brain Health and the Steve Aoki Foundation

In early 2020, eSmartr and Steve Aoki began working together in large part because of Steve’s incredible dedication to both his craft and to the fields of neuroscience and brain health. Brain health is incredibly important for everyone, and there is still a lot left to learn regarding our own minds. 

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Playing Music and Fighting Performance Anxiety

: Playing Music and Fighting Performance Anxiety

You know the feeling of standing up in a crowded room, and you’re not entirely sure how many eyes are on you – but you know it’s a lot? That might be one of the most easily relatable feelings in the world. Understanding how to get over performance anxiety in music can go a long way towards helping to maintain your passion for the craft.

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Inside the Steve Aoki Studio: Writing Music and Keeping Focused
Steve Aoki’s studio is an incredible space that has been designed to bring out the best in Steve’s expansive creativity. When it comes to writing music, Aoki has capitalized on the importance of having a place that is all his own to find his focus and dive headfirst into the zone – and to stay there for as long as it takes.

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