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Overcoming Gamers' Stress: ZeRo

Overcoming Gamers' Stress: ZeRo

Overcoming Gamers' Stress: ZeRo

“Other careers have limits of how far you can go. I don't have that as a streamer. That's why I can see myself doing this for a long time.” -ZeRo

In the last two decades, competitive video gaming has exploded in popularity. Popular tournaments are viewed by millions of fans, and successful teams can win millions of dollars from a single tournament. Despite its popularity, esports can be a contentious topic, calling into question the meaning of “sports,” and whether or not professional video gaming can be a sport in the “true” sense of the word.

An Athlete's Lifestyle in Esports

Although the question of whether or not esports constitute “actual” sporting is still heavily debated today, most can agree that this high level of gaming requires a strong mental acumen and an intense degree of focus. While esports competitors don’t spend their time performing practices and routines typical of physical athletes (such as running, working out, or specialized dieting), they do require a lot of focus and practice to be at the top of their game. The general lifestyle of a prominent, active esports competitor is daunting, to say the very least; often, the number of hours a competitor puts into their practice is more than the average person spends at a full-time job by a fair margin. When it comes time to finally play the game in a competitive environment, the pressure is intense.

“It’s much more important than most gamers realize to get those extra hours of sleep, solid food, and exercise to play good on the day of the competition, [rather] than squeezing those extra hours of gaming at night.” -ZeRo

For Gonzalo Barrios, better known by his gaming tag, ZeRo, the ins and outs of professional gaming are familiar challenges. He spent six years playing tournaments professionally before largely retiring from competitions to focus on his career as a streamer for Super Smash Bros.  He is currently signed with the Tempo Storm esports team, and streams regularly for thousands of viewers at a time. With so many eyes on his gameplay, and a reputation as one of the best Super Smash Bros. players in the world (he holds the current world record for the most consecutive Super Smash Bros. tournament wins at 53), ZeRo has plenty of motivation to want to play his best at all times.

It is for these reasons that we were so excited to see what ZeRo would think of the eSmartr Sleev®. As a gamer, concentration and reaction time are two of the most important skills ZeRo has. Especially in a real-time fighting game like Super Smash Bros., being able to predict and react to your opponent is an incredibly useful skill. The capacity of the Sleev to help keep its wearer calm and focused has a lot of potential in the world of gaming.

“I'm pretty excited about eSmartr, because the whole point of the product is that is helps you focus and pretty much clear some of the stress and some of the side things that prevent you from focusing on the task at the time. So I think it will really help me out if I could just use the product to enhance myself – so it gets a thumbs-up from me.”

ZeRo commented that he feels less tired and more active with the Sleev on, which will ideally translate into better gameplay for his stream and professional play. For someone who plays Super Smash Bros. with comparable frequency to a full-time job, maintaining his focus in a healthy and natural way is a huge help that we’re happy to provide!

“Concentration and reaction time are some of the most important traits I can have, because pretty much all of the games that I play – some way or another, they require reaction time, or at least being pretty much focused on all the details of the game.”