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Our mission is to provide that extra push in a safe, natural, and easy way. In a world where people turn to drugs, apps, and devices for a "quick fix" to help them find their focus, eSmartr believes in putting people first. That's why our products are designed to be non-invasive, 100% natural solutions for increasing focus and reducing stress - to let you be the reason you achieve your goals.

How it all started

Although eSmartr was founded in 2018, the story of eSmartr begins in 1983, when Jay Dhaliwal received life-changing news: his mother had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a debilitating and painful neurological disease for which there is, to this day, no known cure. The news changed the course of Jay’s life, as his education and career paths from that moment were defined by his need to help his mother.

Unhappy with the side effects and unpredictability of existing treatments, Jay began researching new and natural ways to manage the disease, and came to a breakthrough in 2008 when he learned about an orthotic developed by neuromuscular scientists to treat TMD symptoms. The idea of a treatment that used no drugs or electricity to manage pain symptoms resonated with Jay, and six years later, culminated in the development of vibro-tactile patterns that positively affected the brain and helped his mother manage her pain. Jay quickly realized this technology could help more than just his mother, which led him to starting his first company, VoxxLife, hoping to help as many people as possible in similar situations.

A few years later, Jay’s two children began their post-secondary education, and found themselves under strong pressure to keep up with the top of their classes, including the pressure to use methylphenidates and amphetamines to succeed. Jay wanted to help, and the three of them immediately got to work to see if they could adapt Jay’s existing technologies to affect cognitive function.

After significant research and development, testing and validated studies, eSmartr was born in 2018 with the design of the first ever smart compression sleeve to safely enhance focus, concentration, and calm in the brain.

Since then, the company has only grown, and looks to bring safe, effective, and enhanced mindful living to as many people as we can. We now work with influencers, big brands, and a community of doctors, practitioners, and like-minded people to expand our reach and share our technology with the world.

at our core

We believe in pushing the bounds of science for the benefit of all people. We believe that living with mindfulness can and should be easy; that no one should have to turn to dangerous drugs to get by in school or at work. We believe that playing, learning, and creating are at the heart of the human experience, and that when we help people to do these things to the best of their ability, we can improve the happiness and quality of life for everyone we meet. Finally, we believe that if we can help others, we should help others, to the best of our abilities, and that is what we are aiming to do here at eSmartr.



We are students, musicians, artists, businesspeople, and athletes with a passion for what we do. We’re a small team with big ambition: to bring safe, effective, and innovative neurotechnologies to people like ourselves – people who play, learn, and create; who focus on their jobs and passions; who feel stress over the daily grind; and who believe that everything would make more sense with a little extra clarity. Our office runs with doors wide open and policies of inclusivity and diversity, and we are a group that supports each other in our own quests for mindful living.