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eSmartr is a neuroscience and wellness company that makes mindfulness easy. The eSmartr Smart Compression Sleeve uses skin-to-brain Cognitive Boost Technology™ in every design, providing the mental edge to optimize performance. Within minutes, the sleeve helps to reduce stress and anxiety, increase focus and attention, and improve memory and clarity.

The eSmartr Sleeve improves cognition to allow athletes, students, professionals, and artists to pursue their passions to the fullest of their natural abilities.

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Exclusive Umbro
X esmartr smart
sleeve collection

The sleeve uses Cognitive Boost Technology, a 100% natural and holistic smart compression to improve your brain’s cognition.
It's a drug-free, pain-free, skin-to-brain smart compression solution.

How The
Sleeve Works

Built with smart compression, the eSmartr Sleeve uses skin-to-brain Cognitive Boost Technology™ in every design, giving you a clearer mind and greater control.

  • 1. PUT THE SLEEVE ON Place the pattern on your forearm
  • 2. SKIN TO BRAIN CONNECTION The pattern starts sending signals to your brain
  • 3. IMPROVING BRAIN ACTIVITY Those signals make your brain work more efficiently
  • 4. EXPERIENCE THE BENEFITS Optimal mental focus and concentration
  • Reduce

    Feel more relaxed and in control

  • Increase

    Be more present and in the moment

  • Improve

    Improved recall and attention to detail

  • Reduce

    Gain confidence and trust in your abilities

  • Increase
    Attention Span

    Stay in the moment longer

  • Improve

    Greater awareness to see things through



eSmartr worked with neuroscience leaders at The Applied Neuroscience Research Institute to test, record, and validate the results of Cognitive Boost Technology. Working with 20 subjects and running a variety of brain scans, we observed their cognitive benefits after wearing the eSmartr Sleeve for just 20 minutes.


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July 28, 2020

Introducing Umbro Smart Compression: eSmartr and Umbro Set to Launch Custom Line of Smart Compression Sleeves