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A Streamer's Best Friend
"I started streaming on my gaming page a few weeks before I received my eSmartr. I opened it on one of my streams and you can physically see my game improve instantly. The first game after putting it on."

Xavier S.


Smart Compression is the easiest, fastest, and safest way to achieve greater focus and reduced stress, thanks to our Cognitive Boost Technology™.

CBT is a proprietary pattern embedded inside every sleeve, designed to stimulate a specific pattern of nerves in the forearm. This creates a signal that the brain translates into improved cognitive function.

THE RESULT: Smart Compression helps you stay focused and think clearly, so you can perform better.

take your gaming to new heights

Wear your favorite Smart Compression Sleeve during every gaming session to perform better. This isn't a harmful drug or stimulant with a caffeine crash.

Our Smart Compression is a 100% safe and natural process that regulates your cognitive networks so you can easily access your full potential.

Do you want to play better? Start by thinking better with our Smart Compression Sleeves.

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