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Bought another for son in law because he wanted 2.

eSmartr Vortex

Such a great and useful technology to improve focus, attention and maintain higher energy levels.


Since starting to wear my sleeve, I feel more focused, and my pain levels have dropped significantly!

eSmartr Faster
Heather F.

To start off I have lots of health issues and have for years. I had two strokes one in 2017 and one in 2018. Since purchasing the sleeve I have seen a difference in my memory, focus, concentration and motivation. My writing is much clearer and my conversation seems to flow better. I saw this on Voxx Life Testimonials and prayed about it. I had COVID and it did not seem like I was getting back on my feet. I truly believe God is using this sleeve to help me enjoy life again. My mom has seen a difference in me and she purchased one also. I cannot wait until she gets her sleeve to see how she benefits from it. God is so merciful and kind to given men such knowledge to patent technology like this.

Super Impressed with Superman!!

I bought this eSleeve as a gift for a friend. I love the vibrant colours and we already know the CBT works, a win, win all the way around!

eSmartr Midnight
Abdulrahman A.
Can't live without it

I love this sleeve so much, it stops me from dissociating and helps me focus on the things i enjoy. I find the effects of one sleeve too weak so i wear two, it only works when i put on my legs though. Overall it's better than my adhd meds even, love it!

eSmartr Bloom
Jean H.
Great, pay attention to the size

I don't know how these work but they do. It has been great during the cold weather to stay warm without feeling like you can't move. I will see how they feel in the heat. My first order was for size small, wrong...they slide down my arm, Somehow they have improved my golf feel, so I am happy.

eSmartr Petals
Camille A.

I got this sleeve as a gift, in times like now this sleeve has been a big help to me and has helped reduce my stress and help keep me on task.

eSmartr Piranha
Stephen T.
Great design

I like the full sleeve better than the half sleeve. 1 / 2 sleeve is heavier. Great design on the sleeve.

eSmartr Piranha
Javier J.

I've been esmartr for about two years now, and it has helped big time especially when I go DJ. Helps me focus to make the party even better.

This was so cool and packaged perfectly

As a student this new type of technology has helped a lot. Almost everything that it mentions, it does. I suggest this especially if you have anxiety or ADHD or even maybe ADD, but really this could be very helpful for anyone! Thank you Esmart :)

Love my sleeve!

Helps me stay calm, especially golfing. Fits great. Very happy.

Absolutely love this sleeve

Absolutely love this sleeve.

I have a few other sleeves, all the same size. Just,this sleeve it’s so comfortable!!! The color is outstanding!! I wish a few of my other are like this one!
One maker, is cut so narrow that it cuts off the circulation to my arm and I could hardly wear it I Purchased said someone recommended it because they said it ran large and I did not.
Get this one or the other wonder woman, both fit Comfortable!

eSmartr Light
Jean H.
Helps my golf game

Golf is crazy and I was stuck consistently at 92. Always accomplished a different way but day one with the sleeve was 85 and day two 86. Let's hope this trend continues!

eSmartr Light

eSmartr Light

Batman™ Shadow
Nicholas G.
This is the Best sleeve i've used

This thing fits like a glove and I love it using it every day is worth every penny and will would definitely will plan to buy more in the future and well love the design on this sleeve.

Only one sleeve

When I ordered the sleeve, I thought I ordered two, Now I have to order the second. The small fits just right. I like the support. I look forward to having two sleeves.

love it !

very sturdy model. more styles with this make please!

eSmartr Power
Nicholas G.
This is a Great sleeve

This is a really great sleeve I've to use this every day and it has really help me focus on task and homework plus this has given an edge gaming as well I've really love this sleeve and will definitely look to purchase more in the future worth every penny

eSmartr Vortex
Nicholas G.
This is the Best sleeve i've used

This is the best sleeve and I use this sleeve every day and it fits like a glove the material of this sleeve is fantastic and it gives me a competitive edge for gaming as well love this product and can't wait to see more designs as well.

eSmartr Fokus
William T.
Arm sleeve

I have only worn it once. I was very calm as I worked

Harley Quinn™ Mad Love

eSmartr Fokus


I love my new Wonder Woman forearm eSmartr Sleeve. Fits better than the first sleeves I purchased, and I love the stylish new colours.