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Performance in Life Increased
"This sleeve gives me an advantage in the air and on the ground. I’ve noticed focus and longevity in my work. I am less fatigued when traveling and able to be ready for a workout when I land."

Sean D.


Smart Compression is the easiest, fastest, and safest way to achieve greater focus and reduced stress, thanks to our Cognitive Boost TechnologyTM.

CBT is a proprietary pattern embedded inside every sleeve, designed to stimulate a specific pattern of nerves in the forearm. This creates a signal that the brain translates into improved cognitive function.

THE RESULT: Smart Compression helps you focus more and stress less for greater confidence, so you can give it your all for every rep, set, and circuit.

don't worry, it's moisture-wicking. Sweat it out and get after it.

Wear your favorite Smart Compression Sleeve during every workout to maximize your results with a natural solution. This isn't a harmful drug or stimulant with a caffeine crash. Our Smart Compression is a 100% safe and natural process that regulates your cognitive networks so you can easily access your full potential. Need to upgrade your fitness routine? Start by thinking better with our Smart Compression Sleeves.

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