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eSmartr Sleev

$55.00 USD
eSmartr Sleev

eSmartr Sleev

$55.00 USD

An uncommon advantage to reach your maximum potential. The Sleev is the first non-invasive enhancement to supercharging your mind’s natural ability. The proprietary Cognitive Boost Technology (CBT) pattern embedded inside every eSmartr Sleev activates receptors in the skin that trigger a neuro-response in the brain - resulting in scientifically-proven amplified cognitive abilities.  Discover enhanced concentration and memory, heightened decision making, increased stamina, and accelerated reaction times.

Play longer.
Learn faster.
Create more.

Equipped with Cognitive Boost Technology (CBT)

The proprietary pattern in CBT was developed to uncover improved neuro-functionality in four key areas of the brain.

  • Executive Function

    Quickened response time of intellectual thought to physical action.

  • Memory

    Enhanced processing of learned information.

  • Attention

    Improved focus on detail and concentration of thought.

  • Information Flow

    Advanced sequencing and execution of processed information.


How to get proper sizing for the eSmarter Sleev®
Measure circumference at widest part of forearm on dominant arm:

  • Small


  • Medium


  • Large


  • X-Large