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How Does It Work?

The proprietary Cognitive Boost Technology™ pattern embedded in every Sleeve is designed to optimize neural communications. Through vibrotactile stimulation, skin receptors are triggered to generate a combination of signals. These signals are processed by the cognitive networks to allow users to naturally experience their passions more fully with focus, clarity and calmness. The combination of these signals help streamline the cognitive networks, resulting in scientifically-proven amplified cognitive abilities – just ask Dr. Robert W. Thatcher, Ph.D., whose clinical white paper study can be found here!

Cognitive boost technology (cbtTM)

Our proprietary Cognitive Boost Technology™ (CBT) is a vibrotactile neuro-tech pattern that is embedded inside every eSmartr Sleeve. Leveraging the Pattern Theory of Haptic Perception, CBT activates skin receptors on the forearm generating "skin-to-brain" neuro-signals, telling your brain's cognitive networks to function more efficiently.

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Better focus when you play, learn, create

Get in the zone faster. Stay in the zone longer. With increased attention and memory, Cognitive Boost Technology delivers a smarter way to minimize outside distractions and keep your head in the game.
Unlock your learning potential and build confidence through increased attention and the ability to retain and process information. For students and business people of all levels, these are critical in understanding and executing details from written and verbal instructions.
Enhance your creative development. Naturally optimize neural performance with increased attention and processing of information. Cognitive Boost Technology maximizes focus in the moment while limiting outside distractions.


Using tactile stimulation, the compression in our sleeves allows the Cognitive Boost Technology pattern to quickly activate receptors in the skin, sending neural signals through the somatosensory pathways to the brain. Our neurology processes this information in three steps.


    Sensory Information is activated and encoded by Mechanoreceptor Neurons. Receptors have an integrative relationship in coding sensory information as described by theories of “Sparse Coding" and “Population Coding". Using Tactile Stimulation, Cognitive Boost Technology activates an encoded neuro-signal from nerve receptors on the forearm.


    Sensory Information is filtered at the AP of the Brainstem, filtering noise from actionable information. Actionable information is directed to related areas such as Entorhinal Cortex and then Hippocampus and Cerebral Cortex.


    Entorhinal Cortex helps regulate and decode processes related to Hippocampus and Cerebral Cortex. The “code” from Cognitive Boost Technology may aid in regulating the functions of these designated areas - specifically Executive Function, Attention, Memory, and Information Flow.

Experts Explain the CBT Impact


Executive Function is a complex set of cognitive skills that enables a person to engage in an activity and see it through to completion. The three main areas of Executive Function include Working Memory, Cognitive Flexibility and Inhibitory Self-Control.

With Cognitive Boost Technology, you can optimize performance in all of these areas, leading to improved learning from an educational standpoint as well as performance in gaming.

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Attention is defined as the active direction of the mind to an object. The Attention Network encompasses more than 20 sites within the cortex.

Whether it is a student in class, someone tasked with project work, or someone playing their favorite game, by optimizing performance in the Attention Network with Cognitive Boost Technology, they can stay focused on a task longer with a heightened ability to ignore distractions and without fatigue. This leads to improved productivity and results.

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Working Memory refers to the ability to encode, maintain, and manipulate multiple pieces of information for a short period of time in a changing environment.

The effects of positively impacting the neural networks and related brain waves of Working Memory is really the fountain of youth. The possibilities for helping people of all ages with Cognitive Boost Technology are limitless.

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Effective connectivity is what we are talking about when we reference Information Flow. This measures the direction and magnitude of the flow of collected data traveling between two locations. Recent research shows that enhanced Information Flow actually correlates to higher IQ. This is a game changer for education, learning, gaming and sports. Imagine, by wearing a Smart Compression Sleeve you are actually able to reach your true cognitive potential without drugs and without electricity!

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eSmartr worked with neuroscience leaders at The Applied Neuroscience Research Institute to test, record, and validate the results of Cognitive Boost Technology. Working with 20 subjects and running a variety of brain scans, we observed their cognitive benefits after wearing the eSmartr Sleeve for just 20 minutes. Download Clinical study