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How to Improve Memory Without Drugs or Supplements

How to Improve Memory Without Drugs or Supplements

There are few things more conducive to happy living than a healthy brain, and a big part of this is a strong memory. Unfortunately, for some, your memory just isn’t as strong as you’d like it to be regardless of cognitive health, and it only gets worse when you feel stressed or overwhelmed. This can be really frustrating, which is why a lot of people often turn to supplements or even drugs that promise or imply easy results for better memory. But if you want to know how to improve memory in a safer, healthier, and more reliable way, natural solutions will often be the best.


Mindful Solutions

Mindful solutions are ones that revolve around taking care of your own conscious thought, and are often used to improve cognitive function by reducing stress and anxiety. You can improve memories mindfully through meditation (especially object-focused meditation), yoga, of any variety that works for you like brain games, sudoku, chess, or crosswords, and getting enough sleep—at least seven-to-eight hours every night!


Active Solutions

If mindfulness doesn’t sound like your thing, keeping active is a good way to take care of your brain in general. Regular exercise is an easy one, because it can take any form you’d like. Stretches in the morning, taking breaks to go for walks outside, core regimens—the list goes on! Benefitting your body helps to benefit your mind, and can be a great answer for how to improve the memory with very little external aid.


Social Solutions

Two women meet up for a picnic; both are wearing smart compression sleeves from eSmartr.

Your brain is pretty much hard-wired to appreciate social connection, which means hanging out with friends can be a natural way to destress and enhance your cognitive functions, including memory. Like your muscles, your brain works well with stimulation, so spending time with friends, playing multiplayer games online, or even simply being around people to chat with can be good for maintaining or improving your own memory.


eSmartr Solutions

eSmartr’s Cognitive Boost Technology™ might not sound like a “natural” solution because of the word “technology,” but rest assured that it most certainly is! Because CBT is a touch-based “technology,” delivered through compression sleeves, it does not need electricity, drugs, apps, or supplements of any kind to work. It uses the body’s own nervous system by stimulating specific neuroreceptors in the forearm, which then generate a unique signal that improves the brain’s ability to communicate with itself, leading to reduced stress, heightened focus, and an improved memory!


Stress Solutions

Cognitive stress is the enemy of a happy memory. You may have noticed that a lot of natural solutions to improve memory are also activities that work to lower stress levels, especially mindfulness and smart compression. The reason for this is that a stressed-out brain has more difficulty forming reliable, long-term memories than a calm one. If you have significant stressors in your life, now is a great time to evaluate them, because removing or reducing them can be a huge step towards improving memory in any arena.

Natural solutions are amazing because they begin with you. The choices you make can make all the difference for your brain, and if you’re still wondering how to improve memories naturally, it begins with choice. Trust natural solutions, because they work in safe and healthy ways, and use our smart compression sleeves as a key to allow everything to run better as you improve your routine and make better and better choices for your daily living. Get your sleeve today, and make the best choices for your brain!

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