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Improving Your Focus in Basketball: The Mental Game
Basketball is a physical game and a mental game. It demands all of you; if you’re not present for every second, it could cost you big. The mental side of basketball game is too often overlooked by players who think their physical skill and ability is enough. But it’s not – and focus in basketball can be the difference between cutting the mesh down at the end of the season or heading home.

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3 Easy Steps to Stay Focused on Your Goals Like a Super Hero
When we set goals, we create frameworks to follow for happier living. The tricky part is knowing how to stay focused on your goals. For us at eSmartr, we’ve taken some notes from the super heroes of the DC Universe, and have learned that performing like a super hero is not something that is dependent on having super powers.

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Honing In Attentional Focus in Sport and Soccer

: Honing In Attentional Focus in Sport and Soccer

Attentional focus in any sport, and especially in soccer, is constantly challenged by a chaotic arena and a small army of determined players all aimed at the same small ball. It’s a constant battle of strategic defensive positioning and striking when a chance finally presents itself. Attentional focus in sport and soccer is much easier said than done.

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Five Tricks to Stay Focused While Reading

: Five Tricks to Stay Focused While Reading

How to stay focused while reading? That is the question. Whether it’s because you think you might enjoy the hobby or because your college is forcing you to read the endless droning of whatever-their-names-are, you might find that it’s hard to get past a single section or chapter before your mind starts wandering, and it feels like you’re reading the same words over and over again...

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