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Why You Shouldn't Use Medicine to Focus Better

Organic Solutions for Better Focus

A little extra focus can go a long way. In many ways, we are more distracted than ever, but there are also many options to boost your focus for that extra edge. If medicine or pills to focus better are your choices, however, we recommend you speak with a licensed doctor first to ensure that they are the best option for your situation. This is because taking non-prescribed medication can have serious and negative long-term effects, often for very little short-term gain.1 

Pills to Focus Better: How They Work

Most of the time, drugs that improve the user’s focus are stimulants that are designed specifically to interact with brains that have trouble focusing because of a medical diagnosis such as ADHD or depression. This means that if your brain works similarly to the average person's, these drugs have not been designed for you to use.

A man focuses on his tablet at work while two coworkers chat in the background.

Generally, drugs marketed as medicine to focus better will increase your energy,2 often through adrenaline, which helps your brain to focus on a given item or topic. Studies have indicated, however, that one thing these drugs do not target or improve is your working memory during the period of increased energy.3 Even worse than that, they discovered that after the medication wore off, these drugs could disrupt the user’s sleep patterns and normal heart rhythms. Missing out on sleep especially always leads to reduced cognitive function. Together, these side effects usually mean that taking pills to focus better… causes you to focus worse.4

Safer Solutions for Better Focus

Just because you don’t have a medical condition doesn’t mean you don’t have trouble focusing, but unless a physician has prescribed them to you, medicines and drugs should not be your solution. Fortunately, there are a number of safer, more natural methods you can try that are also backed by science.

    • Exercise and meditation are both proven ways to improve focus if done before an important task. If you can’t decide between the two, try out yoga to get a feel for both at once!
    • One of the worrying parts about using pills to focus better is missing out on sleep; this is because a good night’s rest can make a huge difference for your cognitive function the next day!
    • Similar to sleeping well, eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables can benefit your cognition and help you bring 100% to your important responsibilities.
    •  Remember to avoid cramming as much as you can, especially in a school or office – if the reason you’re considering using prescription medicine is that you don’t have enough time to study, time management might be the answer that you’re looking for.
    • eSmartr smart compression is a safe and natural method for improving your focus, and all you have to do is slide on one of our arm sleeves! The Cognitive Boost Technology embedded inside naturally activates a specific sequence neural receptors in the forearm. This generates a series of signals to the brain that leads to reduced stress and better focus! You can learn more about how this touch-based technology safely improves your cognition here.

A young man has a lot to focus on at home for schoolwork as he takes notes near a laptop. He has an eSmartr smart compression sleeve on his arm.

As tempting as it is to take shortcuts, prescription drugs should only be taken under the guidance of a licensed doctor. The reason is simple – in general, it is very unlikely that these medicines will improve your cognition or performance. Time management, healthy choices, and smart compression will all go a much longer way towards improving your natural abilities than medicine or pills to focus better (unless it has been prescribed to you). This will allow you to make better choices to feel good about in any arena. 



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