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Smart Compression: Tools to Help with Anxiety

Smart Compression: Tools to Help with Anxiety

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, forty million adults in the United States—18.1% of its population—suffer from at least one anxiety disorder. This includes generalized anxiety, social anxieties, post-traumatic stress disorders, and many other conditions that severely reduce the quality of life in those who have them. Anxiety and stress are two incredibly difficult things to live with, which is why eSmartr creates and offers tools to help with anxiety in the form of Cognitive Boost Technology™.

Smart Compression is Your Tool to Manage Anxiety

The Cognitive Boost Technology embedded inside our smart compression sleeves is an innovative tool to help with anxiety management. Thanks to touch-based technology, the effect is entirely natural, requiring no drugs, electricity, or external apps to work. When the skin on your forearm touches the pattern embedded inside the sleeve, the corresponding touch receptors send a series of specially generated signals to your brain stem. It responds to these signals by reducing feelings of anxiety and improving feelings of focus and calm.

A student studies on a laptop at home, wearing a smart compression sleeve in the Scorpion design.

As an added benefit, smart compression also naturally improves the effectiveness of your existing tools to manage anxiety. For example, if you meditate regularly to keep your stress levels in check, the focus-boosting effects of smart compression make it easier to reach that ideal quiet space and keep your thoughts clear. This can be true of the sources of your stress as well. If you’re feeling anxious about homework, for example, wearing a smart compression sleeve as you study can make it easier for you to focus on and absorb information, boosting your confidence as a result.

It can be difficult to really “manage” anxiety, and having the proper tools and resources at your disposal can go a long way towards making things better. Smart compression is one such tool, and while it is far from being the only one you can use, it is an easy, natural item to integrate into your day!

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