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Three Steps to Building a Golf Improvement Plan to Improve Your Game
Although golf may not be the most physically demanding sport, it is definitely one of the most technically difficult sports to master. With so many different moving parts in a swing - the right grip, stance, and ball placement; hip rotation, shoulder rotation, club head position, breaking your wrists, the follow through, and so much more - it’s easy to get discouraged and not know how to improve.

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How to Focus Better in Golf: Improvement Begins in the Mind
Golf is a sport that affords you a lot of time for thinking, and, as a result, is a game that can feel like it’s unraveled completely after a few bad shots. Unfortunately, in a game where a round can last up to five hours, you get plenty of time to sap your own confidence and get caught up in your own head. So golf improvement often starts with knowing how to focus better – increasing your focus to decrease your score.

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Easy Drills for Tennis Fitness from eSmartr

: Easy Drills for Tennis Fitness from eSmartr

Tennis is an amazing game and a great way to pass a sunny weekend afternoon. If you’re looking for some drills for tennis fitness, look no further – we’ve compiled some of our own drills to run in our free time and want to share them with you today!

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