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Tricks and Exercises to Improve Your Golf Swing

Tricks and Exercises to Improve Your Golf Swing

Your swing is everything. All the anticipation, the prep, and the worry culminates into a single swing, every time. As much as golf is a mental game, the physical mechanics of your swing play a big part in how well you perform every round. Learning how to improve your golf swing will help to build your confidence, to trust your decision-making skills, and to ultimately improve all aspects of your game. So here are some tips and exercises to improve your golf swing and build up that confidence!

Slow down and take it easy
Ernie “The Big Easy” Els is a great example of someone who knows that you can still get distance on the ball with a smooth, steady swing. You don’t have to whack the ball; focus first on tempo and accuracy before you start experimenting with power.

Keep your head down
Lifting your head early can only lead to missed shots; either thinning it, pushing it, pulling it, or even duffing it. Keep your eye on the ball to maximize the chances that the ball meets your club’s sweet spot. Trust your swing; good things will happen if you do.

Isolate and rotate your core
Core exercises like planking help to improve nearly every aspect of your swing. Notably, these exercises make it easier for you to get great rotation, allowing you to connect with a bit of power and avoid overswinging.

Keep your head up
That is, keep your head up figuratively (we covered why you shouldn’t do that literally earlier). Golf is a challenging sport, one where it’s easy to let a missed shot snowball into a bad round. If you stay optimistic and focus on your present shot, rather than the whole round, you’ll enjoy the game more and recover faster.

How to Improve Your Golf Swing with eSmartr

Ultimately, your swing is informed largely by your mental game. Most of our exercises to improve your golf swing come down to keeping a clear head, taking things low, and not overthinking. For some, that can be a challenge; even amid a good game of golf on a perfect day, distractions are everywhere.

Fortunately, Cognitive Boost Technology offers a solution: this specialized pattern is woven into our compression sleeve products and creates a specific response in the brain when it is worn by stimulating a unique pattern of touch receptors. This response leads to a naturally clearer head: less stress and better focus! Check out what pro golfer Adam Migur had to say about his own sleeve:

With a clear head and a confident style, you can improve your golf swing far more easily and naturally than overthinking and overcompensating. And we want to help! Give our tips a try, make sure to exercise your core, and let us know how smart compression can make a difference for your game. When you spend hours on the course, after all, it can feel bad to mess up on the first hole – but with a clear head and strong attitude, it is much easier to avoid these pitfalls and catch up in no time.

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