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How to Stay Focused in School for a New Year

How to Stay Focused in School for a New Year

A new school year is just beginning, bringing with it new opportunities, and new challenges too. Whether you are learning in a formal environment, slogging through schoolwork at home, or attending classes online, focus is the key to it all. According to a national survey from 2020, around three-quarters of high school students experience overwhelmingly negative emotions regarding their schooling – and, the report notes, these types of emotional responses to school can have negative impacts on a student’s ability to pay attention.

Over the course of a full school year, it can be challenging to keep your focus. For a lot of people, knowing how to focus on schoolwork is a challenge, for one very simple reason – most would rather be doing something else!  Many students are motivated right when the school year begins, but by the end of the year are starting to get tired. 

In many situations, a wandering mind is completely normal! However, understanding how to stay focused in school can make a world of difference for your grades, learning, and general happiness – so let’s get started with how.

How to Focus on School When You’d Rather Be Doing Something Else

  1. Take breaks. There is much more to life than your schoolwork; sleep and socializing are super important for a stress-free day. Consider taking a walk halfway through your studying to get some fresh air, boost your blood flow, and give your mind some rest. You’ll return much stronger for it!
  2. Use Your Agenda. This is an extension of remembering to take breaks – remember to plan time off into your schedule. If this is tough, maybe get a weekly planner, or start filling in the calendar attached to your email account. When you schedule time to be away from schoolwork, stick to it! Treat it like you would a doctor’s appointment, or even like time at an actual school – not to be disturbed or moved, except in an emergency.
  3. Try Something New. A great way to stay focused in school is to explore different methods of studying and keeping up, such as writing notes by hand, speaking aloud as you study, drawing, listening to, or even writing, music, copying verbatim, or anything else! Experiment with your learning style and see what works best for you. You might be surprised!


It can be daunting to contemplate how much of the school year you still have to go. Taking things one course, project, and week at a time makes it easier to compartmentalize, and from there it is much easier to take positive steps. eSmartr’s smart compression sleeves can be an important part of that, but knowing how to stay focused in school is more about what you are doing; smart compression works to make it easier for you to get the most out of your strategy. So be sure you’re taking plenty of breaks, eating and sleeping well, and planning your days out in advance! Always remember to talk to someone if you’re struggling – communication and organization both go a long way towards improving the education experience.

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