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Why You Shouldn't Use Medicine to Focus Better

: Organic Solutions for Better Focus

A little extra focus can go a long way. If medicine to focus better is your option of choice, however, you need to be careful to ensure that you are not hurting your mind and body, and discuss the option with a licensed doctor. Thankfully, there are other, safer techniques proven to work without nearly as much risk to your mind or body.

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Natural Ways to Improve Concentration and Memory

: Natural Ways to Improve Concentration and Memory

No matter what you do for fun, work, or school, concentration is a constant factor of your success. Especially now, when many are working and learning from home, distractions are everywhere and it is easy to fall into the rabbit hole of long, tiring, and unproductive days.

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Keep Your Screen Time Low and Your Focus High with eSmartr
Want to make an improvement to your life? There’s an app for that. With so much technology at our fingertips and so many options to help keep us on track, the responsibility of tracking your progress and optimizing your time should be easier than ever to manage. This has led to a major caveat: a lot of smartphone use.

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Five Tricks to Stay Focused While Reading

: Five Tricks to Stay Focused While Reading

How to stay focused while reading? That is the question. Whether it’s because you think you might enjoy the hobby or because your college is forcing you to read the endless droning of whatever-their-names-are, you might find that it’s hard to get past a single section or chapter before your mind starts wandering, and it feels like you’re reading the same words over and over again...

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The Best Ways to Reduce Stress and Anxiety at Work

: The Best Ways to Reduce Stress and Anxiety at Work

There are certain things in life that are almost expected to cause stress, and work often tops the list. Regardless of the source, it is always important to reduce stress and anxiety at work. Knowing how to manage your work stress can go a long way to making you happier at your job and in your life.

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How to Naturally Improve Your Memory and Retention

: How to Naturally Improve Your Memory and Retention

Whether you’re studying for exams, prepping for upcoming lab work, or getting ready for your first job, your memory is one of your most powerful tools for success. If you’re looking to learn how to improve your memory and retention, start with natural solutions. You might be surprised at how well they work!

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Fight Back Against Mondays and Improve Your Focus on Work
You’ve felt it, I’ve felt it, we’ve all felt it: that feeling of being completely unable to focus on your work. Around you, the office buzzes with productivity, and your grand achievement of the day so far has been noticing that the minutes really seem to take longer than sixty seconds to pass by. We all have those days sometimes – so how can you focus on your work better?

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