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At-Home Workout Plans: Core Exercises

: At-Home Workout Plans: Core Exercises

Taking care of your body is a great way to take care of your mind — and vice versa! If you’re working from home, have a little bit of free time on your hands, or want to start paying a little more attention to your physical health, a great place to start is your core. Here are some great at-home exercises you can start doing to benefit your core without needing any additional equipment!

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Brain Awareness Week: Your Best Habits for Brain Health
This week is Brain Awareness Week, an annual initiative organized by the Dana Foundation and supported by organizations across North America to raise awareness for the importance of a healthy brain. As a company dedicated to providing natural solutions to boost cognition and mental performance, eSmartr is thrilled to support initiatives like this one.

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eSmartr’s Sports Drills for Skiing

: eSmartr’s Sports Drills for Skiing

The mountains are calling! Whether you’ve been shredding the gnar for years or you’re a bunny hill newbie, here are some quick and easy drills you can take with you the next time you hit the slopes to improve your skills and enjoy the ride.

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Natural Ways to Improve Blood Circulation in the Body
You probably don’t think all that much about your blood flow. You have blood, it flows — what more is there? And yet, the state of your blood circulation is a very important consideration for your physical health. If you’re an athlete, it can have ramifications for your performance too.

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Ducking the Ropes: From Sea to Sky
Mark Abma leads a life that must feel like a dream to most of us – his Tolkien-esque home in the woods, his down-to-earth lifestyle… oh, right, and his incredible affinity for skiing, biking, and hiking his way up and down mountains. Mental strength, endurance, and flexibility are crucial parts of Abma’s everyday routine, and his commitment to it all is nothing short of incredible.

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Four Tricks for Dealing with Stress in Sport and Soccer
Stress is a huge part of the adrenaline that races through you as you step up to the field and prepare to give your all. For athletes coping with stress, that adrenaline will, in many cases, be a make-or-break factor in every game. Dealing with stress in the sport you love is an important part of enjoying yourself while you’re on the field.

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