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Brain Awareness Week: Your Best Habits for Brain Health

Brain Awareness Week: Your Best Habits for Brain Health

This week is Brain Awareness Week, an annual initiative organized by the Dana Foundation and supported by organizations across North America to raise awareness for the importance of a healthy brain. As a company dedicated to providing natural solutions to boost cognition and mental performance, eSmartr is thrilled to support initiatives like this one – we love the brain! And we want to offer you some best habits for brain health, and let you know how you can support yourself and others in this way.

  • Exercise! A healthy body takes care of a healthy brain. This doesn’t have to be anything big – walking to the grocery store, trying some balance or core exercises at home, or a leisurely bike ride can do wonders for your mind and brain. Keeping active is one of the best habits for brain health around.
  • Train your brain. A sudoku puzzle here, a crossword puzzle there – like any organ, the brain stays in shape best when it’s being used. And no one’s saying you need to be challenging yourself by playing master-level chess puzzles or learning particle physics – find something fun and stick with it!
  • Eat healthy. A well-balanced diet goes a long way towards keeping your body happy, and, like we said earlier, a happy body fosters a happy brain.
  • Identify your stress. A happy brain is an unstressed brain. Exercise and healthy eating are already great ways to manage your stress, but it can be really helpful to identify any stressors you may have and try to approach them holistically and healthily.

For More Healthy Brain Habits...

A man meditates to try and de-stress after a long way.

…check out the Dana Foundation’s website, and consider donating to fund research into brain diseases, including stroke, Alzheimer’s, and addiction. 

You can also browse our collection of smart compression sleeves to help you or a loved one maintain peak cognitive performance from a natural, drug-free solution. 

Ultimately, the best habits for brain health are the ones you choose to do, every day, to keep yourself as fit and as happy as possible, and we encourage you to keep it up!