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How to Reduce Homework Stress at School

How to Reduce Homework Stress at School

For many students, homework is one of the worst parts of school. Taking some of the stress from the school building home with you is not a good feeling. 

According to a study from Stanford University, 56% of students see homework as a “primary” source of stress. And when stress can lead to poor sleep, less healthy eating habits, and reduced time for your social life, it quickly becomes apparent that school stress can be a serious problem. 

So we want to talk about how to reduce homework stress—and how to begin while you’re still physically at school.


Ideas for Reducing Your Homework Stress:

Talk to teachers, TAs, and mentors while you’re at school:

If you need academic help to reduce your homework stress, take advantage of the fact that you’re around knowledgeable people at school! Don’t wait until you’re home when all you can do is panic and become anxious; ask for help when you can!

School is a place your brain associates with learning—so learn there:

Take advantage of free periods or gaps between classes and use that time to study, work on homework, and plan out your day while your brain is in that “academic” state.

Talk to your friends about homework:

Is there any phrase more comforting than “I haven’t started yet either,” said by a fellow student? Talking to friends and peers about schoolwork can be a great way to reduce homework stress because it helps you to maintain social activity while talking to someone experiencing the same issues as you.

If your stress comes from difficulty with time management, check out our tips and tricks to learn how time management reduces stress.

Bring your smart compression sleeve to school with you. 

A student studies from textbooks and his laptop, taking notes with an eSmartr smart compression sleeve on his arm.

The sharper your focus, the clearer your head. And the less stressed you are going into class, the more likely you are to retain information. eSmartr’s smart compression sleeves can make all that easier by naturally increasing your focus as you wear it on your arm.
Natural solutions are ideal solutions, after all, which is why smart compression is so powerful in a classroom!

One way or another, you probably have to go to school—and if you don’t, there’s a good chance you’re still spending the time in online classes—so making the best of your time there is a great way to reduce homework stress. You don’t have to get all of your work done at school, of course, but as long as you’re able to arm yourself with knowledge and confidence, you’ll be off to a great start—and with eSmartr on your arm you should have no trouble at all.

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