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Three Ways to Improve Focus and Productivity – Naturally!

Three Ways to Improve Focus and Productivity – Naturally!

Some workdays feel like they drag on forever, and others go by too quickly – there can be so much to get done in a single day that you become overwhelmed early on and flounder. For many, knowing how to improve focus and productivity in a safe and natural way is the difference between missed deadlines and roaring success. So how do you improve your focus naturally at work?

    1. Avoid multitasking; master single-tasking. It is a common myth that a strong multitasker is an efficient worker, but the unfortunate truth is that most people simply aren’t very good at multitasking. Picking one project, idea, or task and sticking to it is one of the best ways to get things done, and avoiding multitasking is a great start for naturally improving focus and productivity.
    2. Take a break and go for a walk. This one might feel a bit strange to some readers – “how to improve focus and productivity? Stop working!” – but staring at the same screen all day or forcing your brain to work constantly for hours at a time can have drawbacks to your bottom line. The longer you work without stopping, the slower your thinking will become, and the weaker your productivity. If you combine this with a walk – a break for your brain, increased blood flow, and potentially fresh air! – you should come back more energized than ever.
    3. Train your brain for focus. One way to improve focus naturally is to “exercise” your brain’s ability to concentrate. Any type of puzzle or logic game, like sudoku or crosswords, helps your brain to improve its ability to focus! Like a physical workout, taking a little bit of time every day to practice this skill improves it significantly.


There are other natural ways to improve your focus and productivity, of course. eSmartr smart compression, for example, is an innovative technology that uses no drugs or electricity to stimulate a specific pattern of receptors in the forearm. These receptors, when activated together, send signals to the brain that help it to reduce stress and anxiety levels so you can focus better – and all you have to do is pull on the sleeve! As our understanding of the human brain continues to evolve, so too are we learning how to improve focus naturally, and enhance productivity at the same time.

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