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Keep Your Screen Time Low and Your Focus High with eSmartr

Keep Your Screen Time Low and Your Focus High with eSmartr

Want to make an improvement to your life? There’s an app for that. With so much technology at our fingertips and so many options to help keep us on track, the responsibility of tracking your progress and optimizing your time should be easier than ever to manage. This is natural, really – we love knowing how we’re doing, and now that we have devices that count our steps, track our heart rate, calories burned, and rate the quality of our sleep, it’s hard not to quantify everything and hope it improves as we work.

The caveat of these perceived benefits is an increased pressure to make progress while staying productive in other areas of life and keeping stress at bay. This has led to a lot of smartphone use -- the average US adult spends nearly four hours every day on their smartphone a cumulative total of over 50 days every year.1

Think about it: your smartphone might be the greatest distraction you own. If you purchased a product that measures brain activity, for example, to gauge and improve your productivity at work, it will likely send between 3 to 10 push notifications to your phone every day. This means you are encouraged to check your phone while you’re at work to monitor your progress… which sounds a bit counterproductive. Especially considering that the average US smartphone user already gets 46 push notifications every day!2

On the other hand, eSmartr offers you a distraction-free path to greater focus by doing the work for you with smart compression. Rather than modifying your habits or giving you an app to log into multiple times a day, eSmartr needs only to be worn to have an effect. The design of the tech is such that it works to “clear the clutter” in your neural networks, making it easier to focus and reduce stress. This is what makes it a natural, safe, and easily integrated solution for anyone interested in improving the power of their mind. No apps, Bluetooth or batteries required.


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