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Natural Ways to Improve Concentration and Memory

Natural Ways to Improve Concentration and Memory

No matter what you do for fun, work, or school, concentration is a constant factor of your success. Your ability to keep your cognitive networks honed in on a single task or idea may be tested by long workdays or difficult information. Especially now, at a time where many are working and learning from home, distractions are everywhere and it is easy to fall into the rabbit hole of long, tiring, and unproductive days.

For many, the solution lies in Adderall or Ritalin – medicine often prescribed to individuals with ADHD. These are dangerous to take without the guidance of a physician. Adderall, for example, can lead to stomach pain or nausea, loss of appetite, dizziness, and fever; without a doctor’s guidance it can even be addictive, and lead to symptoms of withdrawal if stopped suddenly.1 Fortunately, there are natural ways to improve concentration and memory, and eSmartr can offer the easiest one around.

A man stretches before a run with an eSmartr sleeve on his arm.

The main benefit, of course, to natural ways to improve concentration and memory, is the absence of any negative side effects, especially in the case of taking medication. Allowing your body to do what it does best can have a lot of strong benefits to your focus and memory! 

Studies for Improving Memory:

Studies have found, for example, that one way to improve your memory of an event is to “produce the event” – that is, to apply a second sense to it, such as reading a report out loud instead of just scanning it with your eyes.2 

Another natural trick was studied in 2006, where researchers found that being tested on information helps you to remember it.3 Having a friend create flash cards, for example, after you finish studying for a test can improve your memory!

Tips to Improve Concentration:

While these studies are interesting, they aren’t always practical. The easiest approach is to remember that your memory and concentration are at their best when you aren’t stressed. Any natural ways to improve concentration are likely to be rooted in lowering your stress level surrounding the activity. Before you get to work or approach an assignment, consider:

    • Taking a walk
    • Trying out yoga
    • Getting in some light exercise
    • Planning out regular breaks for water or food


A young woman pauses while studying. She is using an eSmartr sleeve to improve her concentration as she works.

While you’re walking, exercising, or working, consider having a
smart compression sleeve on your arm too! This is one of the best natural ways to improve concentration and memory – all it has to do is touch your forearm and the special pattern embedded inside will work to clear some of the clutter in your mind, helping you to remember and focus better. This also means you’ll experience less stress as you work, which can make it even easier to concentrate and remember!

A good state of mind always leads to better concentration and memory. No matter what you do, this is a great effect to have on your side! Whether at work, at school, or on the athletic field, keeping your brain happy is the best natural way to improve your concentration. With eSmartr on your side, you can unlock the full potential of your mind and achieve your best results yet.


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3. Roediger, H. L., & Karpicke, J. D. (2006). Test-Enhanced Learning: Taking Memory Tests Improves Long-Term Retention. Psychological Science, 17(3), 249–255.

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