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It's Almost Father's Day!

It's Almost Father's Day!

Every day, fathers suit up as real-life heroes and accept the responsibility to care for those around them. That's why we're celebrating the heroes in our lives thanks to a little help from SUPERMAN. With SUPERMAN soaring to the greatest heights as an icon of hope, morality, and a brighter future, it's easy to see why he's inspired so many parents throughout his 80+ year history. In honor of your fathers, take a trip with us down memory lane as we explore some fun facts about the Man of Steel! But first: check out this special Father's Day discount for sleeves in our DC collection:

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Fact #1: Shell-Shocked

Although today we think of SUPERMAN as having no earthly weaknesses, this was not always the case. In 1938, SUPERMAN’S debut in Action Comics #1 identified him as being not-quite indestructible; “nothing less than a bursting shell” could penetrate his skin.

Fact #2: Power Up or Down

SUPERMAN is known worldwide for his out-of-this-world superpowers, which he gains from the power of the yellow sun. However, enemies over time have also figured out some potential vulnerabilities like exposure to Kryptonite, magic, or red sun radiation.

Fact #3: Lofty Love Lives

The romance between Lois Lane and SUPERMAN is a cornerstone of his story, but she hasn’t been his only love interest over the years. Interestingly, all of SUPERMAN’S love interests share Lane’s initials: Lana Lang, Lori Lemaris, and Lyla Lerrol.

Fact #4: A Father’s Gift

Kelex, the robot that serves SUPERMAN and maintains the Fortress of Solitude, once belonged to SUPERMAN'S father, Jor-El, on Krypton.

Fact #5: A SUPER MAN and a Super Father Too!

The new SUPERMAN: Son of Kal-El comic book series focuses on Clark Kent’s son, rather than himself, as SUPERMAN. Jonathan Kent, son of SUPERMAN and Lois Lane, takes on his father’s responsibilities to keep the legacy of hope alive for his home planet. 

SUPERMAN is world-famous for always keeping his eye on justice and fairness. His work demands incredible focus and determination, and an unwavering belief in the righteousness of his cause. With The Shield, Man of Steel, or Justice League smart compression sleeves on your arm, you can emulate this same fortitude of mind and conviction in a safe, non-invasive way. As a bonus, they also look amazing paired with any workout gear or superhero costume!

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