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On The Green: Adam Migur

Golfer Adam Migur wears the eSmartr Scorpion Sleeve as he breaks between swings.

On The Green: Adam Migur

On The Green: Adam Migur

Golf is far from being a physically demanding sport in the same manner that basketball or football is. It is, however, a very challenging sport to play mentally. A golfer needs to have an intense sense of concentration to make their next shot; the fewer the distractions, the better the shot is likely to be. For Adam Migur, this is an everyday battle, and a notable part of the reason he loves golfing as much as he does. Migur only recently joined the ranks of professional golfers in North America, but his passion for the sport is something worth paying attention to. Migur himself describes it as a passion turned into an obsession, but it’s clear he means that in the most positive way possible.

“All About the Golf”

“The Sleeve helped with focus – just no distraction out there, you just felt like it was all about the golf.”

For a golfer like Migur, being “all about the golf” is the only thing that matters. A swing only takes a few seconds to execute, but those few seconds can – and often do – mean the difference between winning and losing the game. The average hole requires at least three shots to make par, and in a game where the lowest score is the winning one, every swing needs to be as close to perfect as possible. There is an element of physical technique to the game, but at the professional level, Migur says that everyone knows what they’re doing in that sense – it’s the mental aspect that propels the eventual winner to their goal.

Adam Migur retrieves the ball from a hole wearing an eSmartr sleeve.

Focus is generally considered a key component of a good swing. Different physical techniques, Migur mentions, like putting, driving, and chipping, can be practiced and improved upon, but a golfer whose head isn’t in the game, who isn’t perfectly in the moment for each shot, is not going to do so well. When we offered Migur the chance to play a few rounds with the eSmartr sleeve, everyone was excited by the results.

“The mentality of playing golf is maybe the most important thing. All professional golfers, we can hit the ball, we can putt, we can chip, it just comes down to what’s between the ears. Mental factor is probably the single most important thing that happens on the golf course.”

We caught up with Migur to talk to him about the differences he felt playing after he donned the sleeve. “I just felt more in the zone,” he told us, which sounds like a basic thing, but is a true advantage to improving his play! Especially because Migur says that the main source of stress on the green is when you aren’t playing so well. It’s easy to fall into a downward spiral after you miss a few shots; the stress of not playing well bears on your next swing, and so on and so forth until bogey is your closest companion and par is a faraway dream. With the sleeve on, Migur felt more confident that every shot could be in league with his best, and that is exactly what we are all going for.

“Being able to stay in the moment and not let your brain get tired at the end of a long round is super important, and this sleeve could definitely help with that.”

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