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Piranha: A New Design

Piranha: A New Design

Piranha: A New Design

October has come, and with it, a couple of big changes for eSmartr. The first of these changes is the one that you’re reading right this second: a new eSmartr blog, which comes courtesy of our brand-new website. Today is also the official release day for the Piranha Sleev®, the second of our Five Deadly Venoms, available in a new colour and design for anyone looking to safely and naturally increase their cognitive abilities.

The Piranha is the second of eSmartr’s Deadly Venoms – a powerful creature with a strong natural bite. Although not quite as fearsome as a certain film series might have you believe, piranhas are surprisingly fierce, and are a relatively rare example of a fish that can fight back when attacked or provoked. When piranhas are fighting – defending themselves or hunting – they aim to strike at precise points that immobilize their enemies, requiring a level of focus and preparedness that most fish their size cannot reach.

Reach Your Full Potential

Of course, a piranha is still a fish – but it’s a fish with very sharp teeth and an impressively strong bite. Similarly, the piranha Sleev design functions identically to the already-available scorpion version; each uses the same technology and design to help boost your natural cognitive abilities. This means that after donning your piranha, you will have access to stronger senses of concentration and focus, along with heightened clarity and calm. It won’t turn you into an apex predator, but it will give you a welcome boost to help you get the most from your day.

The Piranha Sleev is available now from this website, and you can buy your own here! Or you could stick around and read these few fun facts about piranhas…

…before you head out! You can also learn more about the technology and how these amazing sleeves work here, or hear from others who have used the eSmartr Sleev here.