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Flying Higher: Robbie Maddison

Flying Higher: Robbie Maddison

Flying Higher: Robbie Maddison

For most people, stunting is something to be appreciated and never attempted. Watching a motorcyclist ride off the edge of a building is exciting enough for most of us to simply watch from afar. For Robbie Maddison, however, riding off the edge of the Arc de Triomphe was an idea that came to him when he drove past it on a nearby freeway – he looked at it and thought to himself that it looked possible… so he did it. Put simply, Maddison is a forward-thinking stuntman who dreams of big things and then goes out and achieves them.

Stunting: A Dangerous Reality

Of course, Maddison’s job is inherently risky. His ability to keep calm and stay focused is critical to making a dangerous landing. In all stages of his stunting, from the earliest stages to the stunt itself, a clear head is crucial. Many in Maddison’s field report working long days of careful, intensive planning to devise the best, most authentic, and safest means of pulling off a stunt. Before he rode his building stunt, Maddison says he “had to be ok with the idea of death” to be capable of the attempt. He works in a dangerous world, where every detail is important, and everything must be done exactly right.

What challenges me mentally is overcoming things… really realizing my dreams.

For Maddison, performing grand-scale stunts isn’t necessarily about achieving world records or showing up his competition. A lot of his career is based on his ambitions for himself, and his desire to learn how far he can push his own body and mind. When he describes the moment before he begins a stunt on his bike, he describes it as a moment of “Zen,” of complete peace, without interruption or distraction. To feel fear in that moment, he explains, would make it impossible to achieve the goals he’s set out for himself, and dramatically increase the odds of something going wrong. The level of focus Maddison needs to reach to maintain this moment and safely execute his stunts is nothing short of inspiring.

This is the main reason it made sense to pair Maddison with the eSmartr Sleev; its potential applications for his lifestyle are endless. Maddison is someone who pushes himself, always looking to achieve a new, exciting dream, and that isn’t something you can do well if you’re in a poor mental state. In helping him to relax and maintain his focus, the Sleev could play a crucial role in his ambitions moving forward. Considering how inspiring a figure Maddison is to a great many people across the world, it is thrilling to be able to help him out.

For me, I want to be able to experience the rest of my life now after the height of my freestyle career, but still be successful in different avenues.

Whatever the future holds for Robbie Maddison, the Sleev has great potential to help. For someone as determined and as successful as Maddison already is, it is no doubt a welcome compliment to his natural abilities that will be there to see him excel.

“It looks like I've gone from crazy congestion to free-flowing roads. And it kind of feels like that mentally. I definitely feel a little bit more relaxed with it on."