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Behind the Sleeve: Lil Jon

Lil Jon wears an eSmartr Scorpion Sleeve.

Behind the Sleeve: Lil Jon

Success is like an iceberg, so the cliché goes; people never can see the years of hard work that support a person’s present happiness. Someone who puts in hard work for decades to build their career is often defined by that present-day success, simply because that is what those looking at them can see. This is especially true for musicians; when artists are standing on a grand stage in front of thousands of adoring fans, it can be easy to forget just how difficult it is to reach that point, and to maintain that level of success.

More Projects Than Sleep

"No sleep, always working. When you get a little bit of something jumping off, you gotta get it while you can. So anything that comes up I'm trying to do." -Lil Jon

For an artist like Lil Jon, collaborations, new projects, and guest performances dominate the professional landscape. His charitable work is also an important aspect of his daily work beyond his musical aspirations. All of this culminates into a lot of hard work spanning a lengthy career – since his first studio album with The East Side Boyz in 1997, Lil Jon has produced, created, or contributed to dozens of albums, singles, or tracks, with dozens of artists. As a producer, DJ, father, businessperson, and recording artist, saying Lil Jon leads a hectic life feels like a bit of an understatement.

Of course, even the most chaotic days can be managed with relative ease, given strong organization and focus, but these are easier said than achieved. Some days, it is just hard to focus enough to get everything done, and this is hardly exclusive to celebrities or musicians. Being behind on your workload is never a good feeling, and it often quickly leads to a snowball effect that only gets worse as time goes on.

Lil Jon sees the results of his brain scan as he wears an eSmartr sleeve.

Better Than Tequila

 “As a producer, I have to be focused in the studio, working with writers and artists, engineers and producers, like, you've got to keep everybody on task, together.”

When we sat down with Lil Jon to see how the eSmartr sleeve might benefit his hectic professional life, he commented that it helped him to feel ready to get to work. As a producer and frequent guest artist, Lil Jon spends a lot of his time collaborating with others, which can be a challenging for a lot of reasons. Keeping everyone focused, on topic, and in the zone while contributing strong ideas yourself is far from easy, after all. When Lil Jon commented that donning his sleeve immediately made him feel as though he could get work done when he was unsure beforehand, it was a good sign that the sleeve was working as intended for him.

“After I put the sleeve on, I literally felt like, ‘okay, I'm ready to go attack this now.’ [Before], I was just like, ‘ugh. Got to do eight shots of tequila to get my head in the game.’ Now I'm just ready to go, I'm like – let's go!” 

The eSmartr sleeve is designed to make it easier for the wearer to find their focus. It can enhance the user’s sense of clarity and calm, making it easier to manage a hectic workload or a long day. As a musician, the sleeve can help Lil Jon to bring his ideas out of his head and into aural form; as a producer, it can help him to stay organized and keep on top of great ideas for great albums. The sleeve is ideal for people in chaotic work environments – and unlike tequila, you’ll feel great the next morning.

“When we work, it's like, we don't know what we're going in there to do, but ideas flow. If this helps the flow, then that's everything.”

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