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Kitchen Concentration: Chef Merch

Kitchen Concentration: Chef Merch

“Being a chef is so much more than just cooking. It’s about bringing people together to share in something all cultures understand, and that’s food.”Chef Merch

Elom Dzuazah’s perspective on his work as a private chef is one that highlights how important it is that he does the best work he can every day. Whether he is bringing people together through the food he prepares as a chef, or through the music he promotes as a producer, Dzuazah’s work can touch people in ways that are unique to him alone. His ability to concentrate and succeed in his daily tasks is of paramount importance. Unfortunately, that isn’t always so easy when you work in the culinary industry.

Cooking Professionally is Not Easy:

Here’s the thing about being a professional chef: it’s an extremely stressful job. Chefs work long hours on their feet in an environment best described as “hectic.” A chef’s workstation needs to be spotless, their skill level cannot waver, and the timing of their tasks must be perfect. Pair this with the fact that mistakes made in the kitchen can lead to serious injury, and you have a lot of pressure on your hands. Being a chef is way harder than you may think, and the industry has one of the highest turnover rates in North America; not including individuals let go by their management, nearly 50% of chefs in the United States voluntarily left their jobs in 2014. Generally, the people who work in this field long-term are the ones who truly love the work they do.

Dzuazah is unquestionably one such chef, but that doesn’t make him immune to the industry’s challenges. According to him, mental health and keeping a clear head are very important in his line of work, not just for safety and getting the job done, but for making a meal to be proud of. “I feel like if I’m not in a good state of mind, it comes out in my food,” he comments, and that idea is one that will resonate with anyone who has eaten out or cooked a meal for themselves.

Chef Merch in the zone, with help from the eSmartr sleeve.

Despite these challenges, however, cooking is very rewarding. Given focus and determination, a chef of Dzuazah’s calibre is an artist whose patrons return to them again and again. There is a common expression attributed to an unknown chef who said their job “is only for the very crazy. It is hard work, it is grueling work, it is important work, and still, [they] would do nothing else.” There are a great many chefs who love their jobs, and who love little more than doing their jobs well.

How Has eSmartr Helped?

“The eSmartr sleeve has helped me with timing. Because I’m able to concentrate, I'm able to cut back on the time that I would spend just overthinking and not actually implementing action.”

It is because of these challenges that it makes sense to pair the eSmartr sleeve with one of the industry’s finest workers. Benefits to concentration and memory can make a huge difference in the kitchen, minimizing the risk of mistakes and helping to improve the timing that ties everything together.

No one overthinks like an artist, but overthinking can be the biggest obstacle to success – especially when you’re cooking, when every second counts. By helping Chef Merch to maintain his focus, the sleeve makes a strong argument for its inclusion in the arsenal of any culinary artist looking to take their natural skills to the next level.

“As an independent business owner, I think the sleeve will impact my career by giving me a lot more confidence in knowing that I’m going to be able to concentrate during a high-pressure situation, which in turn will help my business grow because we’re more efficient during peak times.”

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