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Getting It "Dunne:" Kirsty Dunne

Getting It "Dunne:" Kirsty Dunne


If you think “helping others to restructure their lives” sounds like it might be something of a challenge, you’re absolutely right about that. Taking the time to get to know a person’s lifestyle and to work with them to meet their goals takes time, dedication, and serious know-how. For Kirsty Dunne, it’s just another day in her life. Her work as a celebrity trainer and wellness expert is supported by a business that she built herself from the ground up. As an entrepreneur, Kirsty Dunne is an unquestionable success, thanks to the incredible effort she puts into building her brand day after day after day.


Brands Aren’t Built Overnight

Entrepreneurial work tends to be over-glamourized by its own success. Most don’t see the long hours, the late nights, or the near-constant sense of anxiety that naturally comes with starting any new venture; instead, we see the wealth and the cheer carried around by those who’ve succeeded and surpassed expectations. But building a brand or a business is challenging, especially in the beginning, when there is only one person working for it. There are a lot of roles that make up the processes of branding and selling, and for one person to hold all or most of them can wear down even the most determined of individuals.

Kirsty Dunne stretches while wearing an eSmartr Scorpion Sleeve.

Kirsty Dunne is one of the most determined of individuals; her work as a brand ambassador, fitness coach, author, speaker, and consultant demands a busy schedule. Many wouldn’t be able to keep up with the workload, but Dunne manages, even as she maintains her own healthy lifestyle. The need for time management and careful organization is crucial to Dunne’s life, just as it for anyone who is creating their own business, forming their own brand, or employing themselves. This is where the eSmartr sleeve comes in for Dunne; it could help her to maintain her focus, to get things done in a schedule that constantly demands her full attention.

The sleeve is ideal for use in situations like this one, where the wearer is inundated with important tasks. When Kirsty says that the eSmartr sleeve helped her to “detox the clutter” that made some days difficult, it says a lot about the huge difference a single cognitive boost can make. By helping to enhance the wearer’s senses of clarity and concentration, the sleeve can make a positive difference in the life of any entrepreneur, celebrity coach, brand ambassador, or author. And if you happen to be all four, then it just becomes that much more impactful, and that much more amazing.

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