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NBA All-Star Jrue Holiday Shows You How to Get Mental Toughness in Basketball

NBA All-Star Jrue Holiday Shows You How to Get Mental Toughness in Basketball

Want to quickly improve your mental game in basketball? Smart compression sleeves are a safe, natural, and easy way to improve focus and reduce stress on the court!


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Basketball is a complicated, fast-paced, and incredible sport, one that demands the full power of your mental toughness and fortitude to help bring your team to victory. Few understand this like NBA all-star and point guard for the Milwaukee Bucks Jrue Holiday; his own journey to the NBA has been unique and rewarding as he’s brought his all to the game. As the 2021 NBA season has gone on, it has been extremely rewarding for us to catch up with Holiday, hear about how he’s doing, and learn how he’s been using our smart compression sleeves to improve his focus and reduce his stress both before games and during practices.

While most athletes are already familiar with the many benefits compression sleeves offer, eSmartr sleeves take the concept a step further by introducing a mental benefit to the design. Mental toughness is a crucial skill for all athletes; knowing how to “get” mental toughness, in basketball or any sport, usually means training, practice, and a lot of hard work. Smart compression sleeves offer a shortcut, a little push in the right direction. Here’s what Jrue Holiday has to say, partway through the season:

“Focus is really important in basketball. It’s the difference between hitting the game-winning free-throw or the end of your season.” 

Jrue Holiday hardly needs any introduction; he is an incredibly versatile player, a two-time NBA All-Defensive team member, and an uncommon player who can defend from any position he’s needed. This season, he is currently averaging over 17 points and 5 assists per game, contributing to his impressive career totals of over 12,000 points and 4,800 assists for the NBA.

Jrue Holiday prepares for basketball practice, with an eSmartr smart compression sleeve on his arm.

Holiday credits his prowess partially to his mental ability on the court. “Although the game is physical,” he says, “I would say that a lot of it is mental as well. It’s hard to concentrate on the game when your head is somewhere else.” Smart compression sleeves offer Holiday an extra push, a second answer to the question of how to get mental toughness in basketball. The way it does this is through the touch-based technology embedded inside each sleeve. This is a special pattern that stimulates specific nerves to help your mind clear up its clutter and function with enhanced focus and reduced stress. For a basketball player, these traits are everything, as Jrue explains in his own words:

“I feel like eSmartr helps me to lock in, it helps me decrease stress so I can prepare for each game.” 

It’s amazing to hear how smart compression can make a difference. Whether you’re an NBA All-Star like Jrue Holiday, at the top of your game, or playing in a pick-up game at your local court, a little extra focus always goes a long way. We are all wishing Jrue Holiday all the best in his current season and can’t wait to unveil some exciting initiatives together!

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