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Maximize Gains: How to Improve Circulation for Workouts

Maximize Gains: How to Improve Circulation for Workouts

It’s hard to overstate the importance of good blood flow. Blood is how your entire body gets the nutrients it needs to operate, and how the air you breathe makes its way to your heart and muscles. Essentially, it’s the secret to how every one of your organs functions! When you’re training, optimal organ performance is vital – especially for your heart, since it’s responsible for circulating your blood. So when aiming for peak physical fitness, understanding how to improve your circulation can make a world of difference.

Why Circulation Matters

A man runs stairs drills wearing an eSmartr smart compression sleeve to improve his circulation.
  • When you work out, your heart naturally begins beating faster to increase blood flow and keep up with your demanding muscles. Optimizing your circulation is essential because it helps improve muscular efficiency for growth and building strength.
  • The oxygen in your blood is a crucial element to your post-workout recovery. As you’re cooling down, your body is essentially racing to replenish all of the oxygen it used to keep up with your pace. An effective blood flow makes this process faster and easier on your body, which means quicker recovery for you post-workout!

How to Improve Circulation

  • Your workout will naturally help improve blood circulation! As long as your heart rate is increasing, so is your body’s circulation, which means you’re already taking a great first step.
  • Drinking warm or hot water before you work out is a very easy way to improve your circulation – a warm body moves blood more effectively!
  • Wear compression garments, like compression sleeves, when you work out. These apply light pressure to your forearms to stimulate the arteries and make it easier for blood to flow to your arms.

Combining Circulation & Compression

A woman meditates after working out, a smart compression sleeve on her arm.

Making sure your body is working as efficiently as possible is great — but imagine the added benefit of optimizing your brain activity too! That’s where eSmartr’s smart compression sleeves come in to save the day. These sleeves will get your blood flowing and keep your mind sharp using our revolutionary touch-based technology proven to increase focus and decrease stress as you work. 

With your body and mind both working at their most efficient, there is no goal you can’t meet, no challenge you can’t overcome. If you know how to improve circulation, take steps to enhance your focus, and stick to your goals, nothing will be able to stop you!

You can get your own smart compression sleeve here – check out our great designs so you can get a physical and mental edge in your next workout!

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