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3 Easy Steps to Stay Focused on Your Goals Like a Super Hero

3 Easy Steps to Stay Focused on Your Goals Like a Super Hero

When we set goals, we create frameworks to follow for happier living. The tricky part is knowing how to stay focused on your goals. For us at eSmartr, we’ve taken some notes from the super heroes of the DC Universe, and have learned that performing like a super hero is not something that is dependent on having super powers. Sure, they definitely help, but these heroes are also able to stay focused on their missions of global importance through their own bravery, wisdom, and ambition – knowing how to stay focused is one of their greatest strengths, and it’s one that we can all emulate too! 

How to Stay Focused and Be Super

An athlete prepares to begin racing, with a Flash sleeve on his arm.

In our experience, super heroes set their goals according to three main principles:

  • A super hero’s goal is never abstract
    Super heroes have goals that involve some kind of immediate crisis. “We need to stop this from happening by doing that” is a good basic framework to start with. “Stopping Lex Luthor” is a fine goal, but without meaningful steps for resolution, it doesn’t offer much for you to stay focused on. Make your goals clear so you can take the right steps to accomplish them.
  • Super heroes don’t give up, even after setbacks. In most super hero stories, the hero is a great lesson in how to stay focused on your goals, because you get to see the setbacks, the reasons that they should or could give up. It’s good to remember that motivation isn’t always easy, but perseverance is a skill that we can learn and improve.
  • Super heroes have a process. Remember: just making a goal isn’t enough to get results; an action plan will help you to stay focused and give you meaningful steps to navigate.

  • Becoming Super with eSmartr

    An athlete runs with a DC Batman sleeve on her arm.

    Of course, the heroes of the DC Universe largely have powers that help them to achieve their missions. Having that extra boost to focus and determination can go a long way towards making success feel more achievable. eSmartr can offer that boost in the form of smart compression, delivered in arm sleeves that help you to feel more focused, less stressed, and calmer through simple physical contact. This way, you can make up for not having a super power of your own – but it’s no substitute for putting in the work!

    With eSmartr’s smart compression on your arm, you can stay focused on and tackle your goals like a super hero. Smart compression is your secret power, the one that helps you to save the world. Whatever your goals may be, you can achieve them with focus, and you can stay focused if you’ve got motivation – which is a super power you can already access all on your own.

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