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Two of Our Favorite Basketball Warm Up Drills

Two of Our Favorite Basketball Warm Up Drills

Last week, we wrote about the importance of keeping focused during every game and practice, but it’s important to not lose sight of how much fun basketball can be as well. So we wanted to share with you some basketball warm up drills that can not only help improve your game, but also be fun to go through!

Dribbling and Shooting: Our Basketball Warm Up Drills

  • This dribbling drill will help develop your handle, so you can feel more confident when putting the ball on the floor. Place cones or pylons (the more, the better!) in a straight line, spaced about one shoulder-width apart. Try to dribble through the cones using a variety of moves - spin dribble, crossover, around the back. The cones should be like defenders as you go around them; the ball should land once between each cone, without hitting any. Go through these moves both frontwards and backwards, and try using your weak hand as well.

    Different dribbling techniques to try as you practice basketball warm up drills include:
    • Single/double/triple crossover
    • Between the legs
    • Side-to-side (crossover)
    • Spin dribble
    • In & out dribble
    • Use your imagination, get creative!

      If you have access to a hoop, try extending your last dribble to the basket and go to the hole or pull up for a jumper. Remember to get your rebound and finish strong!

  • You’ll need a partner for this; this is a basketball warm up drill to improve your footwork, shooting, and timing. The player shooting will begin behind the three-point line. As their partner, standing beneath the net, passes them the ball, they step into a shooting position and shoot while you run out to them with your hands up as a defender would (try to block their shot or put a hand in their face). After they shoot, they must follow their shot, hit or miss, and get their rebound - if they miss, they have to finish. As they’re getting their rebound, you set up for your shot and repeat the process.

Make about 5-10 from each position (baseline, elbow, top of the key), then start mixing it up with a pump fake, one dribble, pull-up shot. Then a pump fake, and go hard for the hole. Remember to go from both sides of the course and use both hands. Repetition and focus are key in this game, try to take every shot like it's a game situation, and remember to have fun!

These can be great ways to step up your game. A couple of fun basketball warm up drills make for a simple, easy routine to continually improve your skill set before a game. Let us know what your own fun drills are over at @eSmartr!

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