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Alex Myers: Gaming and Tilt

Alex Myers: Gaming and Tilt

Have you ever been hard at work on a project or task, and found that your mood actively worsened when obstacles arose? Whether we’re doing an activity for fun or for work, it’s easy to get caught up in our own momentum. For Alex Myers, a professional gamer who specializes in playing Street Fighter V, winning matches and improving his own skill are incredibly important. Myers is constantly under pressure to play to the best of his already impressive ability. To help manage that pressure, he began using eSmartr's gaming arm sleeve, the Official Sleeve of eSports, with a design that increase his focus and reduces his stress.

Myers loves the game, but that doesn't mean it's not stressful. In a game like Street Fighter V, a single mistake can quickly snowball into disaster. Myers needs to be able to react quickly to cover gaps in his own play, and to take immediate advantage of those in his opponents'. He also needs to know all potential offensive and defensive ability combinations he can use in any situation, as well as those that can be used against him. This means there is a lot of information to process into split-second decisions during play. "There are times where I'll make a mistake," he says, "and then I focus so much on it that I'm thrown out of the game, and then at that point, I'm not reacting, I'm not really listening to my opponent, and I'm just really out of the zone."

How eSmartr's Gaming Arm Sleeve Helps

Alex Myers gaming with an eSmartr gaming arm sleeve on his arm.

What Alex is describing is often referred to as tilt, and is not uncommon for gamers, especially in high-stakes environments. It's always easy to dwell on our mistakes instead of moving forward and working productively to correct them. Especially when playing publicly, mistakes can feel distracting and shameful, especially when one mistake makes the difference between winning and losing. Being on a losing streak can make you feel helpless and frustrated, which can lead to worse performance and perpetuate the streak. This is a big part of why Myers was so excited about eSmartr's gaming arm sleeve – because it can help him to get past frustration and back into the zone.



For Alex Myers, a gaming arm sleeve with Cognitive Boost Technology is an especially good way to help him avoid tilting or spiraling after a mistake or loss. This makes it easier for him to learn from those mistakes and improve his game. More importantly, it makes it easier for him to enjoy the game, regardless of his own performance. It has been great for us to hear about how useful our gaming arm sleeve has been for Myers and for many other gamers trying to make the most out of every single moment of play.

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