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Calm the Chaos — Have a Very Happy Holiday!

Calm the Chaos — Have a Very Happy Holiday!

Season’s greetings!

Whether you’re in school, working full-time, an athlete, thinker, or a creative, now is finally the time to calm the chaos and relax. We can now focus a little on ourselves, enjoy some holiday spirit, and appreciate the feeling of a year nearing its end. However you calm the chaos, whether through our own products, time-tested meditations, or anything else, today is your day.

Of course, this Christmas probably looks and feels a little different from previous ones, but there’s still so much to be grateful for. If we’re lucky, we can discover new traditions today that will give us a little future happiness for years to come.


A woman listens to music at Christmastime; a red eSmartr sleeve matches her sweater and decorations.


For the team at eSmartr, mindfulness is at the heart of what we do. “Calm the chaos” is more than an expression to us — it’s what we do, every day, as best as we can, and we want to help you to do the same. It is important to remember that mindfulness takes many forms, and that you should always be making your health - both mental and physical -  a top priority.

So we hope that everyone reading this is enjoying a safe, mindful, un-chaotic day, and that everyone who isn’t is too. We’ll see you all in the new year, and hope you enjoy a happy holiday season.

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