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3 Easy Steps to Stay Focused on Your Goals Like a Super Hero
When we set goals, we create frameworks to follow for happier living. The tricky part is knowing how to stay focused on your goals. For us at eSmartr, we’ve taken some notes from the super heroes of the DC Universe, and have learned that performing like a super hero is not something that is dependent on having super powers.

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Honing In Attentional Focus in Sport and Soccer

: Honing In Attentional Focus in Sport and Soccer

Attentional focus in any sport, and especially in soccer, is constantly challenged by a chaotic arena and a small army of determined players all aimed at the same small ball. It’s a constant battle of strategic defensive positioning and striking when a chance finally presents itself. Attentional focus in sport and soccer is much easier said than done.

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How to Prepare for a Skiing Trip

: How to Prepare for a Skiing Trip

Skiing is a fun sport, one that is challenging, very good for you, and looks pretty amazing from the outside in — untouched slopes, crisp fresh air, après skiing by the fireplace with friends, I mean, really — what’s not to adore? If you need to know how to prepare for a skiing trip, especially for your first, read on!

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