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A man uses his working memory to take in important information.

The role of working memory has been the subject of decades of research and study. This is because working memory is used for nearly every single action you take. You are using it constantly during activities like sports, learning, and any kind of creative process. You may be wondering how to improve working memory, given all the uses it has, and this too has been the subject of an enormous amount of research over several decades.


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I student is paying attention in class as his teacher shows him something on his screen.
Whether it’s an upcoming college lecture, next semester’s high school Zoom classes, or any other kind of learning, knowing how to pay attention in class feels like the one thing they don’t teach you in school (you know what a mitochondrion is though, right?). There are a lot of reasons you may be having trouble with finding your focus inside the classroom, be it in-person or virtually.

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A man participates in a virtual meeting on an iPad while wearing an eSmartr sleeve.
Working from home is a lot more common than the average person may think. Working professionals from all arenas have found themselves embracing a new mindset in order to successfully manage their education and careers from afar. The transition to conducting more business through Microsoft, Google, Skype, and Zoom virtual meetings sounds like an amazing opportunity, a lot of people struggle with it.

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