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Excited shopper holds two boxes containing eSmartr sleeves.

: An "Impossible to Shop For" Gift

The holidays are approaching fast, which means that a lot of people are struggling with a very similar problem: what to get that close relative in your life who refuses to tell yiou anything about what they want.

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A young woman meditates wearing an eSmartr sleeve to keep herself in the zone.

: Dealing With Early Holiday Stress

How is it November already?" "Christmas is basically tomorrow!" If you aren’t yet in the right mindset for the holidays, then you might be in for a stressful six weeks. Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, and the New Year are generally times of cheer and family and goodwill but unfortunately,

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A young woman reads with an eSmartr Piranha sleeve on her arm helping her to focus on the story.

: Fighting End of Semester Stress

In my first semester at university, I was instructed to read Heart of Darkness for a class. This would be the first of two times I would read Joseph Conrad’s novella; the second time was only a month ago. It took me nearly three times as long to read the book the second time,

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Kirsty Dunne meditates with an eSmartr sleeve on her arm to enhance results.

: Getting It "Dunne:" Kirsty Dunne

If you think “helping others to restructure their lives” sounds like it might be something of a challenge, you’re absolutely right about that. Taking the time to get to know a person’s lifestyle and to work with them to meet their goals takes time, dedication, and serious know-how.

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