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Find Your Focus Outside This Winter

Find Your Focus Outside This Winter

Even though it "technically" hasn't started yet, winter is already on most everyone's mind. It’s nearly here, and can be felt in plummeting outdoor temperatures, longer nights, and the unfortunate fact that wind is now a highly aggravating (and frustratingly common) presence. The temptation to find a warm blanket, pour some hot chocolate, tea, or coffee, and stay inside for the next four months is strong, to say the least. But being active in the winter is just as important – if not more so – than staying active at any other time of the year. Fortunately, there are winter sports, snow angels, and a ton of other good reasons to get outside and stay active at this time of year… even if all you can think about is how lucky hibernating bears are while you’re at it.

"Achieving mindfulness, maintaining your focus, and keeping your head clear ... becomes exceptionally difficult without fresh air and daylight to keep them going."

Regardless of weather or time of year, a lot of people have trouble staying inside all day. They become lethargic and more irritable, develop headaches, and start to have trouble focusing on their daily tasks. These are natural responses to staying inside for too-long periods of time, and they can be of especial worry if you work long hours at your job.

Unfortunately, it is all too easy at this time of year to follow up a long week indoors at work with a weekend indoors at home; the bleak skies, lower temperatures, and early darkness don’t exactly provide you with much motivation to get outside. But achieving mindfulness, maintaining your focus, and keeping your head clear – these functions that are so important for getting the most out of every day – they become exceptionally difficult without fresh air and daylight to keep them going.

Fresh Air and Daylight – They’re Important!

Keeping your body and brain active is very important, and the human body is plenty capable of adapting to cold weather (if not as effectively as adapting to heat). Even if you’re not interested in winter sporting and more “extreme” winter hobbies, the simple act of walking in the winter can be amazing for your physical and mental health. If you need that fresh air, you can:

Maintaining a healthy cognition is very important, and, as long as you’re properly preparing for the cold, it is important to get outside and keep active. Don’t forget to bring your eSmartr sleeve as well! Whether you’re inside resting or outside trying to get your heart racing, a boost to your cognition and focus can go a long way to helping stave off mental exhaustion and fatigue. For a lot of people, mindfulness is not so easy at this time of year. If you can put on your Sleev and give yourself a push to get started, you might be surprised at how well you can beat even the coldest winter days.

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