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2019 Highlights: A Look Back

Logan Paul practices a skateboard flip with an eSmartr sleeve on his arm.

2019 Highlights: A Look Back

The 2019 calendar year is rapidly winding to a close, and the team at eSmartr, like many of you out there, have started to look back, even as we plan for the future. With a new decade about to begin, the idea of reflecting on the past is prevalent everywhere, and our offices are no exception. And it’s been quite a year!

Part of the reason we’re looking back is the sheer number of exciting campaigns and projects we’ve worked over the past twelve months. We ran with Kirsty Dunne, rode with Robbie Maddison, and flambéed with Chef Merch. We released a second Deadly Venom Sleeve. We’ve worked with gamers, golfers, musicians amongst others this year, not to mention our appearance on The Woody Show! We’ve had a great time exploring the many, many potential applications for the eSmartr sleeve, and will continue to do so. We’ve also launched the eSmartr Stories FaceBook Group, the start of an already-amazing community looking towards an easier, healthier sense of mindfulness. The initial response has been outstanding already, and we’re looking forward to hearing about more of your experiences with enhanced focus in 2020.

The reception we’ve received from everyone we’ve been working with this past year is all the motivation we need to make 2020 an even more exciting and adventurous year for eSmartr. Already, we have several unique and interesting projects upcoming for early next year. We will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible, to innovate and find new avenues for the eSmartr sleeve to make daily life better; to find your focus, and make mindfulness easy whenever you play, learn, or create in 2020.

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