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The Gift of Mindfulness, Made Easy

The Gift of Mindfulness, Made Easy

For a lot of people, now is the time of year to begin frustratedly going over the list of people they want to buy gifts for and noticing the gaps. If you’re a student or a busy professional, buying gifts is already difficult enough – whether in the form of final quarter performances or final exams, December can be a very demanding time of year. When you get to that one person on your list who is impossible to shop for, you don’t always have the time to figure out what the perfect gift for them might be. This year, you can fill in those gaps with the gift of mindfulness, made easy; an eSmartr sleeve is a powerful gift to give a co-worker, friend, student, hobbyist, or professional in any field.

The best thing about giving the gift of concentration is that everyone can make good use of improved focus; we all could benefit from a few moments of calm; and clarity is essential in all walks of life. In business or for work, keeping a clear head and being able to remain on task is an amazing way to get things done both quickly and well.

According to fitness expert and entrepreneur Kirsty Dunne, the eSmartr sleeve “helps to detox that clutter that’s going on inside your head.” The amazing thing is that the sleeve can do this without using electricity, drugs, or any kind of invasive method – it simply interacts with the neural receptors in your skin to communicate with your brain. It can help wearers to relax as they maintain focus on their important tasks, whether those are important meetings or crucial tests. 

Give The Gift of Focus

The eSmartr Piranha sleeve.

The sleeve sees use from professionals in music, business, golf, cooking, gaming, and more. The way Cognitive Boost Technology™ transcends industry makes it the perfect gift to give to a friend who paints, a co-worker in project management, or an anxious loved one. The sleeve was designed to help, by making mindfulness easy. 

Help a friend to find their focus this holiday season, even if that friend is impossible to shop for! Whatever they do, they may well find the perfect companion in a snug-fit arm sleeve that helps them unlock their full potential. You can even buy one for yourself to make this season of giving just a little less difficult next year.

Learn more about how the sleeve works here, or order one today here!

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