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Dealing With Early Holiday Stress

: Dealing With Early Holiday Stress

How is it November already?" "Christmas is basically tomorrow!" If you aren’t yet in the right mindset for the holidays, then you might be in for a stressful six weeks. Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, and the New Year are generally times of cheer and family and goodwill but unfortunately,

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Fighting End of Semester Stress

: Fighting End of Semester Stress

In my first semester at university, I was instructed to read Heart of Darkness for a class. This would be the first of two times I would read Joseph Conrad’s novella; the second time was only a month ago. It took me nearly three times as long to read the book the second time,

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Getting It "Dunne:" Kirsty Dunne
If you think “helping others to restructure their lives” sounds like it might be something of a challenge, you’re absolutely right about that. Taking the time to get to know a person’s lifestyle and to work with them to meet their goals takes time, dedication, and serious know-how.

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Piranha: A New Design

: Piranha: A New Design

October has come, and with it, a couple of big changes for eSmartr. The first of these changes is the one that you’re reading right this second: a new eSmartr blog, which comes courtesy of our brand-new website. Today is also the official release day for the Piranha Sleeve.

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Flying Higher: Robbie Maddison
For most people, stunting is something to be appreciated and never attempted. Watching a motorcyclist ride off the edge of a building is exciting enough for most of us to simply watch from afar. For Robbie Maddison, however, riding off the edge of the Arc de Triomphe was an idea that came to him when he drove past it on a nearby freeway

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Behind the Sleeve: Lil Jon
Success is like an iceberg, so the cliché goes; people never can see the years of hard work that support a person’s present happiness. Someone who puts in hard work for decades to build their career is often defined by that present-day success, simply because that is what those looking at them can see.

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